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Full Stack Developer in Remote/South Working

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Annuncio:Full Stack Developer

In breve:Full Stack Developer in Remote/South Working

Data: 18/09/2020

Citta': Messina

Provincia: ME

Email: jobs(x)

Sito web:

Testo inserzione: International company based in London, Malta and Milan is searching for a Full Stack Developer, responsible for coordination of a global team of developers and organization of different technological tools. You can choose to work from home, use one of the Company’s Italian offices (Milan, Messina) or arrange the opening of a new office in your city. Living in one of the Southern Italy regions would be an advantage: the company launched an incentive project for South Working, because it believes that Southern area is a source of talents not sufficiently appreciated. Long-term contracts and variable salary based on the candidate’s experience (30-55k) THE COMPANY Cognitive is an innovative start-up that employs AI in the field of online advertisement. It adopts disruptive Cognitive Technologies to assure real user attention to the customer’s spot. We use deep learning to predict consumer behaviour and target the right consumer at the right time in the right place. We engage the user offering the best-related video content. The Advertising Cognitive Engine matches every specific Audience and Personality treats built with relevant context supplying Relevant content. ROLE The candidate’s task will be to organize different technological tools our solution is based on, and let them develop in a synergistic way. We do not ask for a deep experience in each part, but we expect passion for programming and an unstoppable drive to lifelong learning. Within this context, the candidate will have to coordinate a team of external collaborators and the responsibility to organize the work. The candidate will be the only intermediary between them and the company’s direction. The candidate will be asked for results and will be free to organize work and team, while being responsible for results achieved. THE REASONS WHY YOU SHOULD (NOT) ASPIRE TO THIS ROLE Cognitive is a start-up born from the fusion of several realities, for this reason you will work with mixed codes, badly commented, without specific information material. Due to the significant growth, you will often have urgent requests and you will be asked to solve problems in a short time. If you or one of the founders have an idea, it can easily turn into a new development line, which will involve a new international working team. The founders have an insane inclination for flexible and international work, so you will find yourself searching, choosing and leading developers spread around the globe and you will have to communicate in English. You will choose experts in specific areas, generally eccentric, and you will have to communicate them the overall vision and verify the work. You can learn a lot and get a varied professional experience, precious in the world of work. You will be introduced in a dynamic context undergoing a significant growth in which technical skills are needed, but a lifelong learning approach and taking charge of new projects will be the daily challenge you will be asked to accept. SKILLS and Requirements If you are already feeling empowered and are ready to take on this challenging and rewarding role, you will be required to have the following requisites: • a minimum of 3 years' professional experience as full stack developer. • (Truly!) Fluent in English and Italian languages • Excellent communication (both written and spoken), negotiation and presentation skills • An all-rounded, upbeat individual who does not believe in giving up as soon as the tough gets going. • Flexible, start-up mindset, with proven success in fast-paced environments and the ability to multi-task. The following technical skills are required: - PHP - MySQL - Javascript - CSS – - Git - Unix - External API integration - Advanced coding skills (high quality, clean, reusable code) Competenze aggiuntive preferenziali: - CodeIgniter - Advanced knowledge of Video.Js and other video readers - Advanced knowledge of IMA SDK and video Ad in general - Advanced Skills in Troubleshooting As far as character is concerned, we think that the candidate must have a positive approach towards the problems he will have to manage, without complaining. We expect you to be extremely independent, proactive and capable of self-organization, as well as willing to make an impression in our Company. HOW to APPLY If you are hungry to disrupt and transform our industry with a group of passionate individuals, you can apply at the email provided, Submit a link to a short video (Maximum 3 minutes), in English, in which you list three reasons why we should choose you, your CV and a presentation letter that clarifies why you believe you would be a good fit to Cognitive.

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